Silvana Benaghi Illustrator
silvana benaghi drawings

Hello! I am an illustrator born in Argentina. I have grown up between the countryside and the city. Buenos Aires is my place where from my studio I send my illustrations to those who entrust me with a space.

Since I was a child, the pencil and the paper were with me... Then the career in graphic design at the University of Buenos Aires guide me the way to communicate ideas and conquering the blank space and to flying with the imagination, helping to reinforce and enrich the text.

I enjoy my time illustrating between pencils, brushes and the computer, where finally one all the composition.

For me the important thing is in the details.

I work in different graphic media and publishing houses illustrating covers, children's story books, editorial notes, early childhood activities and also in educational books.
Companies that trust in my work: ATLANTIDA-TELEVISA, ARTEMISA, MACMILLAN GROUP, GUADAL, UNESCO among others.